Bayview Vineyards - Phase II

Bayview VineyardsPhase I included the upgrade and refurbish of existing storage building to create new office and conversion of existing pole beam to enclosed storage. Scope included all exterior siding, battens and decorative wood work, stone columns and caps and major utility upgrades for existing compound. The second phase is up coming this fall consisting of remodel/ refurbish of an existing house and new 5,000 sqft metal building to match the other two refurbished structures. This will serve as the shop, maintenance building for Bay View Vineyards. Pictures of Phase I can be seen here.

The second phase of a facility upgrade at the Bayview facility for the Laird Family. New 5,000 sqft pre engineered metal building with wood cladding and batten skin to match previosuly completed buildings. The space includes a full working shop facility and related intior ofice and locker rm space. The site utilities, building foundation, grading and base was completed for the 2009 harvest. Upon the completion of harvest  the project will resume and will be finalized the first part of 2010.